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Dustin n ‘ Dawn Diedricksen’s Tiny House in MA
November 15, 2010, 10:12 am
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Dustin and Dawn Diedricksen's Home in Massachusetts

Here’s a sneak photo from pro photographer Bruce Bettis that were taken of my brother’s little house/home (Dustin and Dawn Diedricksen (Dustin was in “Tiny Yellow House #5” on youtube) in Scituate, MA. Their house is approx. 850 square feet- and Dustin and I (then later himself and Dawn, his wife) have made MANY changes to its layout. We rebuilt a galley-style staircase to the loft (which will eventually have a recycled trampoline bar for a railing), built the rails (from steel street sign/fencing poles) for their micro-loft, blew out a wall in the rear of the photo (formerly a bedroom) to make a “larger” living area that faces the fireplace, entirely clad their vaulted livingroom ceiling in VT cedar, and have made countless other improvements. Dawn has additionally done an incredible job painting, furnishing, and designing the layout of their place as well- she has a great eye for it, and has become somewhat of a whiz at google sketchup’s design program. Beyond that, MANY of the homes furnishings are from the local transfer station, and off curbs- we’re talking perfectly good, and in some cases “classic/vintage”, furniture that the two of them “gussied up”.

-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen


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Cool little space! And I’m so relieved that you guys built a staircase. Egads! I’m getting old! All I could think of was the fact that Dawn was wearing heels…something I haven’t done in ages. I’m afraid that I’d fall off of them and break a hip. (Only half kidding) I can’t imagine climbing into a loft while wearing them. This comes from a gal that used to be able to run in 6″ platforms.

Comment by Lisa

she was all dressed up for a family gathering we all had to get to mere minutes after we snapped some photos of their place….she usually doesn’t lounge around the house in heels…well, I don’t think she does…lol….

Comment by relaxshax

I LOVE the look of your space, guys! Really wonderful warmth and openness. Will you make me one in OR? 🙂

Comment by Rachel

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