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Authors David And Jeanie Stiles’ Vacation Cabin
November 12, 2010, 8:42 am
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David And Jeanie Stiles' Cabin in NY

DAVID AND JEANIE STILES: These two are amongst my favorites, when it comes to tiny house and cabin authors/designers, which is mentioned more than once in my own book (left hand column). David and Jeanie Stiles have also released a slew of housing, fort construction, and do-it-yourself books, all of which are well-worthy of shellin’ out the coin for. You can check out much more from them at

Anyhow, this is a picture of their little getaway cabin in NY. It was originally built so as to be a smaller shelter while they built a larger “main” cabin, but ultimately they found this little cabin to be all they needed.

Its super-simple, but loaded with character- and talk about a great locale!

I’d LOVE to shoot an episode of “Tiny Yellow House” on this thing someday….


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It looks like they built it to resist any flooding in the area. Looks like a wonderful spot too.

Comment by Timaree (freebird)

I love it. That’s awesome that they ended up just sticking with the simple small cabin. Later Deek!

Comment by Alex

It’s lovely.

If you scale it by looking at the person or the beams, it can not be more than a 10×12 (the living quarters)plus the deck.

I like how they place a heater/stove. You can actually see the exaust pipe fron the roofing.

Its very practical, with no frills and that makes it great.

Comment by ozzie

never grow up!! tree fort I was thinking 10 x 12 also and I have all there books they have been my inspiration for years.Deek let me know when you shoot this i’d love to go!

Comment by kevinsmicrohomestead

hope to some day….The Stiles have also written the intro for my next book- which I’m more than please/flattered/thrilled about. Two of THE nicest people- whose books pretty hugely inspired my own.

The great thing about their cabin is that even with ALL NEW materials, it wouldn’t cost a fortune…accesible, financially, almost to anyone…

Comment by relaxshax

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