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More From Mimi: Tiny Living/Small Space tips from Author Mimi Zeiger
November 11, 2010, 12:23 am
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    I’ve been talking to/interviewing quite a few tiny housing addicts for my new micro-architecture book lately (and having a great time doing it!), and here’s some of what Mimi Zeiger had to offer. She’s a writer for Dwell Magazine, Readymade Magazine, and has authored several books- the most related being “Tiny Houses” and “Micro-Green”, which will be out next year (and will contain photos of my own VT Cabin). Here’s an excerpt of what Mimi had to say…

Author Mimi Zeiger (on the left)

Double Duty: Living in my small studio means that some things have to do double duty, like my table. Placed lengthwise in my space, one side serves as the kitchen table, one side is my office. When friends come over, I move my laptop and move the piles of papers.

Library Card: I love reading novels, but I don’t have a lot of space for bookshelves. I take full advantage of the Brooklyn Public Library. I can get almost any book placed on hold for pick up at the Central branch. Can’t wait for Franzen’s Freedom to come in.

Coffee Shops: My biggest vice is coffee, luckily I live in a neighborhood full of cafes. When my apartment feels cramped, I escape to Smooch for cappuccino and wifi.

Go Vintage: A friend once advised me to buy vintage furniture because it retains its resale value. I don’t have any plans to sell my four white Eames shell chairs, since they happen to be be my favorite item in the place. They are a bit unwieldy at times, but they add a lot of mid-century designy character to the place. My 60s credenza (a Craigslist find) has lots and lots of drawers to store hats, scarves, knitting supplies, and dishtowels.


You can check out more for Mimi at

Also, we have about 5-6 days left for YOUR tiny house/cabin photo submissions if you’d like to be considered for inclusion in the book.


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We have “Tiny Houses” it’s an awesome book. She helped inspire our small cabin/house in the country…

Comment by Becky

yeah- its definitely filled with some wild ideas- very fun book…

Comment by relaxshax

Some vintage furniture is also made on a smaller scale. We have a “gossip bench”…an old fashioned telephone stand/chair combo. It looks almost child sized.

Comment by Lisa

“gossip” bench sound pretty neat….friends of mine also had a pennsylvanian-dutch table that transformed into a bench- real simple to build to…

Comment by relaxshax

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