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Coming soon-ish A Maine bunkhouse for “Tiny Yellow House” TV
November 9, 2010, 12:14 pm
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TINY YELLOW HOUSE (youtube show updates)….

We shot this cool little bunkhouse on the shores of China Lake in Maine over the summer, and will soon begin work on editing it down…..Jay Shafer episode is done too (coming soon), as well as an episode I shot for Make Magazine on a folding desk/fort/wall-art/shelving unit I designed and built (that will eventually be in a sequel to my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…”)…

We’re trying our best to get these up and running soon, but with the economy, the cost of what it takes to film and edit these (equipment rentals, etc), and so on, AND with few people willing to fork over small amounts of ad money to help keep this thing going (even though we reach a TON of people- episode #1- 50,000+ viewers now) its tough to keep “pumpin’ ’em out”. But we’re doing our best- and trying not to go broke while doing so.

The China, Maine bunkhouse (which appears as a sketch in my book as well)

 Here’s a shot of a ramshackle little treefort I found while hiking in the Maine woods too. Its so hokey and rundown, but seemingly tells countless possible tales….

A treehouse's skeleton in the woods of Maine



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