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The Teranubo tiny house/treehouse/home exhibit photos
November 7, 2010, 8:16 am
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"No linebacker-sleepovers allowed"

My Belgian counterpart Diederik sent me this… (thank you!)

I have a few of these pictures in a book that I own (somewhere- the Ruth Slavid one? Can’t remember), but here are a few new angles of a very unique (yet, unstable looking) treehome/treefort built by the artist Teranubo. I think the treehome is meant to be more art and sculptural than utilitarian, but I could be wrong….

Also- I just finished the (now sadly out of print) book “The Naturalist’s Cabin” by Cathy/Kate Johnson. Its a great book- in the observational style of Henry Beston and H. D. Thoreau, but more modern/less dry (not to insult the clearly-influential work of two icons). Cathy also vividly depicts just how strenuous and grueling (yet hugely rewarding) it can be to built a cabin or homestead far off in the middle of the woods- something I know all too well. Cathy/Kate will also be lending some tiny house advice, alongside many others, in my new edition of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…” when it ultimately comes out….some photos of her cabins too. You can check out her blog at . We also have many photos of it in past blog entries this past month.

And yes, still could use a few more tiny house/cabin/shanty/shedworking photo submissions if YOU would like to appear in the book as well…

The end, ladder-access area- is a segmented tearoom- also entered through a tiny, tiny door in the second floor...

I have a sketch of something similar to this (possibly for the new book)…. but regardless, I love the organic feel/look of it, whether practical or not

I also was sent the Colin Beaven book and dvd “No Impact Man” and watched the documentary last night- pretty cool/ballsy- and I’ll touch more upon that later- AND review it in another soon-to-be-shot youtube episode of “Man With The Ugly” hat- a goofy attempt at my trying to make book reviews on “film” more energetic and less Steven Wright/Droopy Dog.


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the top two look safe against zombie attacks!

Comment by MattyG

I would hope so- I hear that those style attacks were the design intent. lol. Thanks Matty…

Comment by relaxshax

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