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Cleaning House (well, online)- tiny house photos of interiors/exteriors
November 4, 2010, 6:41 pm
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My computer is getting bogged down from the huge array of inspirational/cool/unique tiny house, shack, fort, shed, and treehouse photos that I’ve saved over the last two or so years….SO, here and there, without real rhyme or reason, I’m going to give some of these the light of day (or the light of day AGAIN) before I delete them, and/or send them off for use in my book…

Here’s a few for starters…

A French Caravan Interior (gorgeous!)- I see Tinyhouseblog also posted on this recently- but I can't help but put it up here anyway.

Treehouse Interior

"Cave" home from the recent cover of "YES! Magazine"

Topaz Lake (CA) cabin. I've always though the chiminea-to-woodstove (interior) conversion would work, but never tried it. Here's someone who has. Looks pretty cool too (and very budget friendly, as long as its secure).

Jon Giswold's Acme all-in-one kitchen unit in his log cabin


Relaxshacks: For tiny houses, shacks, shanties, caravans, vardos, huts, shantyboats, homes, forts, small, micro, dwelling, dwelling portably, rvs, campers, vans, micro-architecture, cabins, treehomes, treeforts, treehouse, clubhouses, playhouses, mini, not-so-big, tiny yellow house tv, retreats, cottages, trailer homes, mobile homes, small apartments- we’re looking for photos of all in those categories….

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Thanks for sharing again, I saved a couple of these for inspiration.

Comment by ktee

I love, love, love, the French Caravan interior and hope that someday soon I can have a similar house built, although I want to go for more of a craftsman exterior look with emerald green stained shingle siding. I also like Jon Giswold’s kitchen with the hanging drying racks because it is off the counter top and you don’t have to put the dishes away once they are dry.

Comment by Sarah L.





Comment by ozzie

Yeah- that caravan is close to perfect….and the Giswold kitchen drying approach make’s sense-Ikea (not that I want to give them huge plugs) sells units of the same theory…

Comment by relaxshax

That’s exactly the chiminea I have out back…it looks great in the tiny house above, but since we’re not in our shed full time, not sure I’d have the nerve…

Comment by Kate (Cathy Johnson)

We saw a kitchen unit like that at a flea market the other day…just too big for our area and besides–we don’t have plumbing!

Comment by Kate (Cathy Johnson)

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