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A new cabin in the schemin’ works- and a treehouse new blog…
November 3, 2010, 9:03 am
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A Bee hotel from Wudwerx on

First, since this blog isn’t always just a tiny house/home/shack site, and we often deviate into sustainability/outdoor living- I figured I’d show you this tiny little “Bee house/hotel” for gardens. More so, its from a maker on, a site showcasing handmade goods (which I’m sure you’ve heard of), and the whole “return to handmade goods” concept is something I really appreciate and stand behind. This particular little house is from a company called “Wudwerx”- based in Scotland(?). I’ve seen many beehouse designs, and even have one sketched myself for a future mini-book, but this is the nicest, and more original one I’ve seen yet. Lotsa drillin’ involved….


SLOWLY, I’m working on another blog “The Toadhill Treehouse” based on an endeavor both my neighbor will hopefully be undertaking come spring (if we don’t kill each other first). My neighbor is Paul LaCivita, who plays “Disgruntled Neighbor” in a few of my “Tiny Yellow House” TV episodes on youtube. Yeah, the guy who gave me a black eye in Episode #1 “The Hickshaw” (which is for sale on by the way).

For starters- we’ve started accumulating and/or taking tabs on what salvaged materials we have….a oak french door, slider set, well over 10 windows, many steel doors, vintage n’ funky furniture, a HUGE pile of 100 year old wainscotting/bead-board, a deck’s worth of 8-year old pressure treated bullnose decking, oiles of dimensional lumber and pallet wood, and much more (ALL of it FOUND for FREE!). The goal will be to see what we can come up with, while using as many salvaged/recycled materials as possible.

Our project will most certainly be filmed for “Tiny Yellow House” as well…



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bamboo or reed rods? The tree cuttings are drilled, but the rest of the holes seem to come natural….

Comment by relaxshax

Bees seem to love bamboo. My son sent me some wind chimes when he lived in S.C. made of that, and I couldn’t keep the bees out of them.

Comment by Lisa

interesting…I wonder if tiny pvc scraps would work too….or plastic (non-lead based) ones….

Comment by relaxshax

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