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Neil Browne’s Old Colorado Desert Digs (off-grid/earthberm house/home)
November 2, 2010, 7:11 pm
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Neil sent me this photo, alongside some very cool (and talented) sketches of his (which I’ll have to showcase at some point in time)- its (the photo) his old Colorado Desert Home, that he and his family lived in. He no longer resides in this handmade home, but at some point, regardless, I’ll have to get a little more information on his experiences off the grid, as I’m sure we can all learn from them and would be interested to hear his take on things.

LOTS of other cool submission photos have come in too (keep ’em coming! some of which will make the 2011 edition of my book through The Lyons Press- and others, at the least, I’ll try to give a little screen time to. Thanks to all!



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Thanks for sharing that photo Neil. Definitely dig your place. Simply amazing! Can you drop any photos of the interior?

Comment by Elmer

And neil- if you see this- do you have any larger photos by any chance- i’d love to post some more…

Comment by relaxshax

My great-grandparents had a sort-of earth berm home in Colorado in 1890. They built a house front over a cave entrance! Wood was too precious though so she had a dirt floor wetted and tamped till it was so hard she could sweep it.

Comment by Timaree (freebird)

Great picture, Neil. Could we see some more? And Freebird, the story about your great grandparents home is awesome. My husband and I are building a cordwood addition onto our camper in the woods to house a small wood stove. My master plan is to leave the floor dirt so you just gave me a hint on how best to make it work. Thanks!

Comment by Lisa

Thanks Deek, thanks all for your comments. I know that I used the last of my 35 mm film while building this so will have to look into getting the negs scanned. I am also trying to get a website up and running, so I can just say “Go here and check out this and all my other cool stuff!” Any suggestions? I haven’t check out WordPress… I’m not looking to do a full blog/RSS and all, just post a few pics, drawings, simple blog…

Comment by Neil Browne(techhobbit)

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