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An underground house/fort/shelter from yesteryears
October 31, 2010, 8:45 am
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Just HAD to post this….circa the 40s? It looks, art-wise, like it came straight out of and old version of The Boy Scout Handbook….Its a plywood, affordably-built, underground bunker/fort/shelter. Its somewhat of a “tiny houses meets MOLE life” kinda thing…GREAT for pale, easily sunburned folks, such as myself (the movie “The Time Machine” (orig. version/H.G. Wells tale) and its underground tribe comes to mind.

Also- I’ll blog officially/more on them soon, but if you haven’t yet (and I feel its a great idea) check out– a realty-site, of sorts, for small, mobile (unanchored) dwellings….

My cabin (more to come) is listed, for sale, on their site right now…



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Haha, I love it how they all just happen to be crouched down as if by choice.

Comment by Oliveark

LOL, this looks like the girls fort in the woods when I was a kid in the late fifties, early 60’s. The boys fort was in the trees and we were relegated to underground like outcast morlocks.

Comment by Sue

I have the entire book in my library. Here is the direct link if you want to read it:

Comment by Otakop

checking it out asap! thanks

Comment by relaxshax

This reminds me of Dan Price, who lived in something like this… he does Moonlight Chronicles – simple living, and here is a link to his tiy hobbit hole, that he lived in years ago:

Comment by Neil Browne

Wow, this reminds me of Dan Price, who lives in something very similar but round. He has to crawl in. It is highlighted with pics in Kahn’s book HOMEWORK, and here is a link to his Moonlight Chronicles – he has made his life a true study in simple living.He has truly done it.
Dan’s interior:
And exterior:

Comment by Neil Browne(techhobbit)

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