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A mini-vid of me at Walden Woods/Pond- at Henry David (H.D.) Thoreau’s tiny house/cabin
October 28, 2010, 5:28 pm
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Concord, MA. If you’ve never been to Walden Pond, its a beautiful place- to which this little video really does no service (as we never get to the pond and its woods/trails itself (this time)). Regardless, I couldn’t resist the chance to revisit Thoreau’s remade/model cabin once again, on my way to a movie shoot (“Slew Hampshire”), and figured I’d nab some footage with the 15-20 minutes I had there….

Yes, there are other Walden Woods videos out there, but for whatever reason, not as many as I thought there would be, and most of them have extremely small numbers of views on youtube-  so, I’m hoping this helps to further get the word of conservation out about this unique, and historical locale.



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I spent my summers at Waldon Pond. My Mom came from Concord. So many memories of swimming out to the float in the pond’s cold water.

The house is a replica of the original. Go to the Alcott house if you have a chance, and authors ridge at the cemetary. I love this town, too many people now.

Comment by Ginnee

yeah- I mention its a replica in the video…

thanks for checking it out- Walden Pond is a gorgeous place….

I will have to check out those other places too- thanks Ginnee!

Comment by relaxshax

I spent many days of my teen years at Walden pond, fishing and swimming. But i took my kids there swimming several years ago, and it was the extreme conservation methods that have now actually destroyed the nature surrounding Walden pond, they had very narrow paths of bright orange highway fencing, soo narrow that 2 people could barely pass one another on the paths, and soo many areas of the shoreline that we used to go to are now blocked off with that rediculous looking orange fencing. The conservation methods and restrictions they are imposing are truely what is actually destroying Waldon pond. soo much soo that Thoreau would definately be rolling over in his grave. They should have just left it alone.
P.S. his cabin was much more naturally attractive, primitive, funtional, and rustic than the modern one they have built.

Comment by Pat Mahoney

I believe it, and yeah, I do remember those orange fences from years back. Also- the replica cabin…I wonder if the original had so little an overhang (the roof) as the “new” one does…

The one thing i DO really like about the park is that they limit visitors to 1000 at a time- so it could be worse….the place is clean too- I do have to hand them that….

Comment by relaxshax

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