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The “MAN TOWN” Shipping Container Tiny House/Workshop/Store
October 25, 2010, 7:37 pm
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FIRST, thanks to Shelton Davis of for this post (and another to come, it seems). Him and I just might be collaborating on something pretty wild in the not too distant future- Ah, the power of the internet….he’s based in Atlanta, and I’m just outside Boston, MA.

AND…BLAMO!- Here’s a new on-the-road lo-fi tiny housing video for ya- its a tractor trailer/container store (it COULD easily be made into a home) with a woodstove within, and a design so simple, its surprising that you’re not seeing more of these (or “fancier” versions- obviously) being utilized…

I’m a huge fan of tiny container/shipping container homes and hope to construct one at some point. Most used 20 foot containers in this area of New England run for $2400 or so…. so that’s holding me back a little, unless I can find anyone who wants to work on trade for one of my cabins or ad space in upcoming REAL episodes of the show….



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An absolutely brilliant “man shed”.

Comment by Shipping Container Homes

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