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YARDPODS from, yup,! Shedworking/Micro-office/Tiny House Structures
October 23, 2010, 7:32 pm
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“YARDPODS from, yup,! Shedworking/Micro-office/Tiny House Structures”

I’m heading off soon, for roadtrip #6 with my “Boxy Lady Cabin” (instead of “The Hickshaw”- a last min. switch) to NH for its cameo in the horror film “SLEW HAMPSHIRE”- now under production, and being directed by Adam “Flood” Reed. I also will be playing the role of Halfdan, a bloodthirsty viking in the flick- but I won’t say much more… Should be a blast!

In the meantime while I gear up for that in the next few days…


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oh those are cute… I think they would make a nice house for a small family if you put two of them together and be affordable too.

Comment by sarah L.

or stack ’em?

Comment by relaxshax

Good old fashioned building blocks… hmm… I wonder if that would work? Could do some neat stacking designs with it if it does.
Although as a Mom I kinda like the idea of one floor so the kids do not fall down the stairs.

Comment by sarah L.

Thanks for your positive comments.
Stacked or 2/3 together, I am happy to work with you. But, the reason they are max 10ftx12ft is so they do not need building permits (in most areas). Once combined, they do need permits.
Malcolm, CEO YardPods.
ps: Have a good trip Derek!

Comment by Malcolm (The YardPod Guy)

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