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Solar Burrito’s Still at It! Cabin/Tiny House Update
October 19, 2010, 9:25 am
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There are a million blogs out there, and about one hundred or so that I really dig, and THIS is from one that I always check back to from time to time…..So, having not seen the site in a little while, I was pleased to return and find that Solar Burrito’s Cabin (once on the site of his old (r.i.p. yurt)) is now nearing completion. A great looking little cabin too!

Show the man some love- check out his videos/blog at:

Solar Burrito's Cabin on the West Coast

I DO hope that we get to see a film/tour of the cabin when its finally entirely done….

This cool/unique-concept video was also posted on the “Burrito Blog”- something I had never considered, but that is ingeniously simple…



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That’s a pretty interesting concept, I could imagine a new style of boiler/ compost device with proper piping that could look just like a regular compost bin. chain them up if and you could have constant hotwater and compost forever if you balance your waste between two when getting full

Comment by MattyG

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