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David Guilfoose’s Recycled Wine Bottle Art, Lamps, and Candleholders
October 18, 2010, 4:31 pm
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Two posts today, so as to make up for being MIA the last two days (been sick as a junkyard dawg- the flu).

     I’m slowly working/plotting/stock-piling/hoarding (call it what you will!) materials for an eventually-to-be-constructed tree house (a BIG adult one) that my neighbor and I might jointly go in together on- over on his property. In anycase, I came across David Guilfoose’s work and site, and thought “I must have those lamps!”. They could also be converted, easily enough, into actual electric/bulb lamps- which might be the route I go.

Wine bottle candle-lamps- Classy (and recycled!)

His work is great, and the idea and message are even greater. I’ve messed around a little myself with glass cutting, and wine bottle reconfiguring- even wine bottle construction (Windows- see “Tiny Yellow House” Episode #2 on -and its no easy task, as glass is so unforgiving.

I DO wish, however, that David might offer up some wine bottle shoe horns, or wine bottle back scratchers, as I do feel there’s a fortune to be made in that arena…. ‘How bout wine bottle kazoos? No, in all seriousness, check out the man’s site, as he might be teaming with us on a future edition of the show where I’d showcase his lamps- which we’re very pleased about, as we always can use ANY help, whether it be ideas, product/props (decor, etc), or small sponsorships. ‘Them cameras, jibs, n’ CGI explosions don’t pay for themselves…

Wine Chimes from



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Wow. These are a long way from the drinking glasses I used to make from old bottles back 20 years ago!

Comment by Cathy Johnson (Kate)

Yeah- half the one’s I used to make would leave you with no lips! lol….well, not THAT bad…


Comment by relaxshax

Old wine bottles can also be made into bird feeders by cutting a hole in the side and sanding the edge of the hole, and drilling several small drain holes at the bottom. i have one, but the side hole was already in it when i got it, so i don’t know how you would cut it ???

Comment by Pat Mahoney

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