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Update: My micro-cabin hits the big screen- well, kinda….tiny housing goes HORROR!
October 15, 2010, 10:29 am
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    I had my special fx contact-lense fitting done yesterday for my scenes in the upcoming Adam “Flood” Reed horror film “Slew Hampshire“- and what a friggin’ pain it was! In the film, I’ll play Halfdan, a nearly seven-foot tall viking who meets a rather gruesome demise. Should be fun! Years back, if you want a good laugh, I was the head zombie in VERY outlandish and creative RI based film called “Die You Zombie Bastards” (which went on to win a TON of festival awards, and was featured in two issues of Fangoria, Rue Morgue, on several tv networks, and beyond).

The Hickshaw Cabin- just after completion

Anyway, it gets better- my “Hickshaw” cabin, from “Tiny Yellow House” Episode #1 (which we shot so long ago! lol- well, back in January of this year) will also play a part in this movie during a backwoods camping/attack scene (in which my brother, Dustin (who is in the upcoming “Tiny Yellow House: Deek’s VT Cabin” episode, will also play a roll).

The cabin will be slightly modified from what you guys have seen in the past though, so as to make it appear a little more substantial in size. Adam promises/hopes the cabin won’t get destroyed either, which would be nice- especially as its still up for sale to any non-claustrophobic, daring soul that might be interested (the funds from the sale will simply fund more videos- where you’ll also receive an opening thank you in the title sequence- heck, I might name my next cabin, as once stated, after you, if you buy the thing). So, tiny house, tiny yellow house, and horror movie fans, here’s a chance to own a pretty substantial prop from a sure to be unique horror flick.

For those who haven’t seen Episode #1…




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LOL I have been watching your reading your blog, watching your videos and listening to podcasts featuring yourself all morning. Expect to see my name on an order form for your book. Your work is spectacular! I really dug your neighbor yelling at ya at the end here, no doubt that wasn’t scripted ha! Well Deeks keep up the mindblowing work! I’ll be watching from here out. …Always watching….

Mitch Punkguts W.

Comment by Mitch

Thanks so much Mitch- didn’t see this until now, as this is the old, outdated blog….new one has been up over a year now. Thanks though!

Comment by relaxshax

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