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Cathy Johnson’s Art-Shed/Shedworking Studio
October 14, 2010, 9:32 am
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Love this one, and thanks to Kent Griswold too, for spreading the word about my needing photos for my upcoming NEW tiny housing book that I’m working on for The Lyons Press….(See the full “Contest” details in one of the recent blogs below)

I’ll try to get some more info from Cathy on this really cool shed-studio soon, but in the meantime, feast your eyes on a very well though-out, compact, and appealing design, and check out what SHE does (she’s released a cabin book as well!) at

Cathy (Kate) Johnson's Art-Studio Shed/Cabin

Now out of print, but you can find it used- AND she has another new book on the way

Cathy’s original/main tiny house-love inspiration, like myself, was the Lester Walker book “Tiny, Tiny Houses”- which I can’t recommend highly enough.

Cathy's super-funky/talented cabin daydream sketches (be sure to check them out on her site!)


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That’s a great cabin. I love all the glass.

Comment by paleotool

Love the French doors, they really let in the light. Great cabin.

Comment by Ginnee

Thanks, Deek and paleotool–I wanted lots of natural light since I’m an artist–my carpenter buddy had these French doors he’d picked up at a garage sale and stored in his chicken house for years–perfect!

And by the way, here’s our original, 22-year-old cabin in the woods that I wrote the book about: We still go there when we can, and still love it, but I’m 22 years older and wanted something closer to home!

Comment by Cathy Johnson (Kate)

I’ve read The Naturalist’s Cabin several times. That’s a fine book.

Comment by paullamb

Hey, Paul, so YOU were the one! 😀 Anyway, thanks very much, I had a ball writing it.

Comment by Cathy Johnson (Kate)

more info from cathy coming soon- upon this lil’ cabin….


Comment by relaxshax

I’ve been following Cathy’s blog and found yours through hers. Yes, she has a delightful tiny studio!

Comment by Timaree (freebird)

yeah- she’s great- and thanks so much for checking out my blog as well…

Comment by relaxshax Here is a site with a little house contest going on.

Comment by Ginnee

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