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We’re looking for YOUR CABIN PHOTOS- contest for tiny housers (for my new book)
October 12, 2010, 9:34 am
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Some bad, and some GREAT news!

Humble Homes, Simple Shacks will soon be taken out of print (my old version, at least…)
“Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…” a NEW version of the book…AND we’re looking for YOUR cabin photos- the wilder, the better!
     After having rejected two other interested publishers earlier this year, I have recently decided to team with The Lyons Press (who found and approached me out of the blue (after a CT news article ran) because of their staff and track record/catalog. They’re the people responsible for some incredible books from the likes of Shay Solomon, David and Jeanie Stiles, and so many more- all books I’ve loved and found inspiring. Naturally, its a honor to soon become part of that team in tiny housing. David and Jeanie Stiles (the author duo of so many amazing books) have also agreed to write the intro to this new book. This is huge for me, personally, as I own almost all of their releases- some of which inspired what I’m trying to do.
    As for my decision in this- mainly, while being VERY hesitant about signing a book deal, I’m going this route because its getting VERY tough to keep up with orders as of the last few months (especially after NPR, Readymade, and Make Magazine features). I’m the sole force behind the printing, assembling, AND package-stuffing with this release, and with two bands, two kids, a carpentry business, another book in the works, my “Tiny Yellow House” show (which I host, direct, AND produce), constantly building small cabins (and working on my own cabin in VT), naked bounty hunting, and even more in the works (ongoing home remodeling), my schedule’s getting nuttier than a Planter’s factory! Its safe to say that coffee is a large part of my diet as of now. 
     This NEW and expanded version of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…” most likely will be out Fall 2011- a revamped/added-to/extended/COLOR-photo-laden NEW edition of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…”. The book will have SEVERAL brand new/added designs, interview-sections, and more. I’m also going to use this printed opportunity (within the book) to thank and help so many of the people, blogs, and papers who have been so incredibly kind and supportive of me and to what I’ve been doing over the last few years. 
   In the meantime, I have a little under 150 copies of “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks…” left– copies of what will soon become the “old, handmade, soon to be “illegal” version”. Once these are out, everything’s going to be handled by the indie-publisher Lyons Press. Also, MANY of the drawings in this older version of the book will NOT be in the worldwide, newer version. They may never see the light of day again. Or could possibly later be released in a b-side style book, alongside some newer, unseen sketches.
   Meanwhile, ANOTHER new book (about 1/2 done now), as well as a kid’s construction book, AND a comedy-based (and fort-tied) zine, are WELL in the works- one of which will be independently released from the ole basement again (well, until I near exhaustion and have to hand it off elsewhere- pending any interest).
So, thank you ALL so much for helping me to get to this point, and for helping to spread the word on tiny housing! MANY, and I mean, MANY of you will be thanked and plugged in this future, real-deal, version of the book. Griswold (a continual, huge supporter and friend), Janzen (the first to ever post on anything I’ve done), Zeiger, Pino, Johnson, Shafer, Sharpe, Fornoff, Kahn, Brawyn n’ Stern, Schwarzeneggar, and so many more….we’re getting all of you into this book one way or another (whether you need the help or not!) so as to reciprocate and to let even more people know of what you’re doing.
AND….To any with some ultra-cool Hi-Res cabin shots- I’d be VERY interested in possibly including your work in the book as well- you can email me at . Ultra-funky and bizarre is what I’m mainly looking for, but most anything, well-executed, and original, will do.

I’ll post some of the to-be-used (and even those we can’t use) submissions up on this site too- so that at the very least, you can show off your work to our readers.
-Derek “Deek” Diedricksen
And here’s a few shots from a recent photo shoot for Coastal Living Magazine- that will also be in the color-insert section of my new book (showing proof of many of my designs and ideas having actually been been built). These photos were taken by renown sports and rock photographer Bruce Bettis
Thanks for your time, and for duking it out through this lengthy text-babble-athon

"The Boxy Lady Cabin"- as seen on Make TV online (now for sale- or for trade)


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Congratulations on your new publisher. I’ll treasure my soon to be illegal copy of your book even more now! As for pictures of tiny homes, my husband and I are barely started on a project. We’ve decided to build a cordwood room addition onto our camper. It’ll be used to house a small wood stove for winter heating and cooking. 99% of it will be from scavenged materials. We’re cutting the 16″ logs from fallen trees on the property. We’re using dirt as filler between log layers. And we even have enough tin salvaged from the property to use for roofing. This place was a homestead and auto shop site 50 years ago. Yours truly has been chipping away with her trusty shovel at a mound of part dirt/ part old car parts. We’ve made a couple of trips to the scrapyard with the metal and made a few bucks. I figured that I might as well find a use for all that loose dirt too.

Comment by Lisa

Awesome on the new book! Sorry for taking all day to get around to reading this, but there was too much blood in my caffeine veins for most of the day. Currently, I’m trying to source some land so I can start on my relax shack/tiny house/weekend getaway/fortress of solitude. Any ideas on sourcing cheap land?

Comment by Otakop

Thanks you two!
And lisa- LOVE that you’re scrap-yarding all the metal- usually its not worth it for the loot, but the fact that you’re doing the responsible thing anyway is great! Show me some pix (both of you) down the road when you’ve completed your projects!

Comment by relaxshax

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