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Books, Books, Books- what to do with SO many books…how ’bout a kid’s fort?
October 11, 2010, 8:09 am
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Great idea here- or great execution at least….I found the top two photos on

This is another idea I always wanted to mess with- especially as libraries often have clearance book sales of their old less-read stock, which sell for pennies. Naturally, tag sales, especially as they’re winding down, are a great source for books….

In a larger scale application, I’d imagine you’d drill a hole through each book and attach/secure them with rebar from top to bottom.

Not so much a practical fort/small house within a house idea, but a fun one nevertheless…



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Very creative and cute. Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Ginnee

Neat! I like their site too. Some of those ideas could be altered a bit to use for tiny houses…for those of us who are in their second childhoods!;-)

Comment by Lisa

I remember seeing O.J. Simpson’s book “My Story” at Ocean State Joblot, when it came out- for $0.50 a copy- NEW! Those are the sort of books that have no other use, and would be perfect for a project like this! That, and the “Carrot-top” autobiography!

Comment by relaxshax

Since you’re brainstorming for book ideas, how about all those outdated old textbooks? Schools throw away a ton of them every single year. Plus they’d all be a uniform size…which would be good, I imagine, for keeping walls sturdy, level, and plumb.

Comment by Lisa

The walls are made just as you described. There is a rebar drilled through each stack of books. we needed to childproof the poky, scratchy bits to make it safe. Also paint with roof off! It is a bit cramped in there for a big person. The inside is also covered with pictures!
Deanne Wortman

Comment by D. Wortman

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