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Salvage Man Strikes Again! (and a toilet brush light fixture!)
October 8, 2010, 12:49 pm
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I’ve slowly been formulating a plan in my mind (for a loooong time now) as to which materials to look out for, and/or keep for myself, when scrounging curbs, craigslist, and the offered garages of others. Ultimately, I hope to build some sort of treehouse, or “land-house” inn, but almost entirely so from scrap materials, free junk, and castaway odds and ends. The end result will be damn funky, and I plan on having one entire wall made with non-matching windows, so that this guest house (without drawn shades or shade-trellis) can double as an off season greenhouse.

We/me here at have a FEW projects in the works, but this one’s been occupying my thoughts more and more as of recent. So, I think after years of mentally daydreaming and planning, it’ll soon enough be time to start getting serious about this little endeavor.

So far, aside from tons of doors, windows, and lumber to pick from, I recently acquired a living room’s worth of vintage wainscotting/bead-board, some really cool lighting fixtures, a HUGE double pane bay window,  one gigantic tree stump cut so as to make a nice rustic coffee table, and a slew of other soon to be used materials….

Eventually, this will be one of my “larger” tiny/small house/cabin projects, in my long dabblings with micro-architecture. Just daydreaming about it is always half the fun!

Meanwhile, check out this ultra cool toilet plunger lamp project! Easy to make, and it looks very presentable/modern!



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If you don’t look at the handle it almost looks like those old style lanterns we would string up around the porch at my grandparents campsite when I was a kid.

Comment by Sarah L.

Oh an idea… turn it upside down and it looks like a walkway light.

Comment by Sarah L.

walkway light…hmmm…not bad…..or mount it upsidedown, and cantilvering out from a wall a little, and it’ll look like a medieval dungeon torch….kidding….

Comment by relaxshax

A retro dungeon? Could be a new look to go for… It would be different and maybe it will catch on, but probably not. Haha…

Comment by Sarah L.

Cool…and if you shortened the handle by about half the length it’s origins would be totally obscured…very cool…

Comment by Becky

love, love, love the idea, but wonder what it would look like, if you spliced the “lantern-esque” part of it, so that it flared out a bit to emulate a lamp shade?! sooo many variations!

you’re quite inspirational! i sent both of blog & article on npr to my boyfriend (who’s been talking increasingly about small homes). i think he’ll find you equally inspiring! keep up the great work!

– sarah

Comment by sphyde

thanks for passin’ on the word sarah! 🙂

Comment by relaxshax

“Neo-Dungeon”- we’ll all start the new movement!

Comment by relaxshax

Sounds kinda anime to me… You could set up a mini portable Neo-Dungeon and take it to anime-con’s 😀

Comment by Sarah L.

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