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Culvert Living- Concrete Hotels- “Totally TUBULAR” Hyuk, hyuk…
October 1, 2010, 8:45 am
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This idea’s been around for awhile, and featured in several books (Ruth Slavid’s “Micro” book comes to mind). Nevertheless, its a GREAT idea, and something I’ve sketched out in the past, and hope to expand upon, and try out, one of these days. Now its just a matter of finding a HUGE culvert pipe, and a crane to drag it into my yard with. I can sense the neighborhood complaints already!

A Concrete Culvert Pipe- tranformed into an Inn/Lodging

Just took roadtrip #5 with “The Boxy Lady” micro-cabin (Again, for sale- proceeds will go to shooting MORE education “Tiny Yellow House” youtube videos/projects), to CT- where we did a marsh-locale photo shoot for an upcoming issue of Connecticut’s Coastal Living Magazine. These upcoming photos (we’ll post ’em soon) will also appear in the CT newspaper The Shoreline Times later this month. Can’t wait!



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I love these, except there is no bathroom.

Comment by Ginnee

yeah- but a public restroom is only steps away- which is easy/convenient enough…

Comment by relaxshax

These are a great idea. Maybe add a few together or get a junction to make an L or T for extra room?

Comment by paleotool

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