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The Boxy Lady Micro-Cabin on tour (Video)- Boston, MA,CT,RI,then NYC
September 19, 2010, 8:55 am
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Me drummin' at the 2010 Boston Common Freedom Rally- w/Age Against The Machine (Big thanks to DEVINSTATER DRUMSTICKS from New Brunswick- Canada- for sponsoring me for over a year now- you can see I need it, as I go through drumsticks REAL fast!

Our little cabin heads to NYC this coming weekend- and we need YOUR help….We’ll be loggin in 11-12 hours roundtrip, all highway driving, on the road, towards the Make Magazine Maker Faire 2010, and with all this highway exposure to THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of cars on I93 and I95 (through MANY cities), we’re looking to hang YOUR business banner/website on our VERY attention grabbing trailer, so as to help with gas, etc- and all associated with such a huge trailer trip….email me at

The Boxy Cabin in Kiosk mode- Its portable and doubles as a single sleeper

We’re REALLY starting to log in some miles with this cabin- spreading the word about tiny living and salvage construction/recycling…and as much as I hate to burn all this gas and do all this driving, our ideas are being exposed to thousands (heck, The Masscann 2010 Freedom Rally alone we were seen by upwards of 40,000 people in ONE day.)

So far- a 140 mile trek to Baltic CT for a speaking event at the CT Author’s Trail…

Scituate, MA’s Heritage Days Festival (with Grand Funk Railroad, Jon Butcher, James Montgomery, Girls Guns N’ Glory, etc)- a 3 week stay on display in front of The Frontstreet Book Shop…

Yesterday, The Boston Common, Boston, MA for our BIGGEST event yet!

And this coming weekend- NYC- EVEN BIGGER– and again, we need your help! We’re just looking for one or two very reasonable donations, and in exchange, we’ll make you a website sign for the vehicle as its towed through MANY states….MA, RI, CT, NY….


"The Boxy Lady" in Sleeper/Cabin mode- with eating/prep table...