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Demolition Time! (Meets An Organizational Rehab)…
September 12, 2010, 10:16 am
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No post yesterday, as I was bustin’ my butt (and back!) tearing apart our side kitchen foyer in our home. This little six-by-six room is more or less the last REALLY needed remodeling project in our home, as its just in terrible shape from the past owners, and has always been a mess.

    Eventually, the plan is to have a super-organized extension of our kitchen, with divisional shelving for recycleables, canned goods, and camping supplies, AND WITH a secret passage through one of the “fake shelves” into a tiny room cantilevered off the structure for quiet reading, napping, etc- Or so the loose, free-form, plan in my head, goes.

Yes, I’ll probably film some of the progress on my Flip Camera as well- especially in terms of the salvaged/free materials being incorporated into this project- ie. I already used one of the double pane windows my neighbors gave me when they remodeled, and have plans to use other “dumpster dived” or curb-culled materials within this undertaking.

Meanwhile, in terms of organization, I thought you might appreciate these two shots from LEVITATE ARCHITECTS….


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Best wishes with your kitchen remodel. We’re still chipping away at the work on our backporch/utility room/winter bedroom…or should I just say all purpose room. And the staircase is awesome! Thank you for feeding my OCD need for order and my love of books. I’m filing that little project in my mental cabinet for possible future use.

Comment by Lisa

very nice – I wonder how those offset steps work for the building inspector in the U.S.?

I saw a wine cellar on a similar idea… it was just a trap door with a spiral staircase going into the ground and the walls were all filled with spots for wine… it was well done, simple, and very nice.

Comment by Rod

Wonderful visually,

I think trying to get books out of the shelf under the steps ( not the side walls they would be fine ) would the difficult

If you think about where your feet would be on the step and how far “back” the step that you would naturally reach is you would just about have to lay down on the steps to access that shelf.

Comment by Shipping Container Homes

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