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Pet Fort/Home with an adult tiny house/doghouse twist?
September 9, 2010, 11:06 am
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‘Been building these kinda things for quite some time, but saw this one a ways back in Readymade Magazine– and the version had a cool, green, rainwater-collecting, and gardening, twist.

The list of materials to built it- all name brand, high-end, this and that- was just ridiculous though, especially for an OUTDOOR pet house.

Regardless, its a cool look, and I wonder if a bi-folding exterior door, set in a corner, in a LARGER adult version of a cabin/cube like this would work? Would it be a space saver too? Could the door open outward? How would one effectively HINGE such a door against a curved frame? Just some ideas/musings….

Pop in some extra windows, and a roof deck too, and man, it’d be a cool little vacation cabin or retreat- and CHEAP to erect!