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The Devlin Boat- Shantyboat Company….Tiny Housing ON THE WATER
September 8, 2010, 2:50 pm
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Although I don’t own one, nor have ever been on one, I’ve been in love with shantyboats for quite sometime, especially after reading the Harlan Hubbard classics “Shantyboat” and “Payne Hollow”- two books I can’t recommend highly enough….

Well, in the spirit of the Hubbards, with a “modern” twist, check out this great design from Sam Devlin. You can check out FAR MORE PHOTOS from his WA based company at



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This would be a perfect project to bring new life to an old and unloved pontoon boat. There are frequently free boats just for the asking at some marinas. Just ask the marina manager for any abandoned boats they want to see gone. Here is a site with information on restoring abandoned/free boats:
(last page has some freebies)

Just remember, the two happiest days of a boat owners life is the day he buys it and the day he sells it.

Comment by Otakop

That looks like a great boat. Oddly enough I hadn’t heard of shanty boats until last week, and I went on a bit of a search to read more, so good timing! I’m hoping to build a boat soonish, not sure if I’ll get started this year though with the other projects lined up. Love the blog, keep it up.

Comment by vonlein

awesome, I love those Devlin Boat designs. Maybe someday I’ll build one.

Comment by Solar Burrito

Deek, if you want a free boat to play around with, Wooden Boat Magazine has listings for free boats. Here is a PDF of the classifieds from their latest issue (the freebies are at the end):

Also, you can ask almost any harbormaster if there are any abandoned boats he wants to get rid of. A friend of mine got a 15 years old pontoon boat for free that way. It needed all new wood, was abandoned and no slip rent was paid on it for for 10 years. The rental manager was happy to see it go. Just a thought for a project on the cheap.

Comment by otakop

If you’re looking fore a new look and feel of you’re boat, just check out my pontoonboatseats blog and find out more

Comment by

It’s also my dream to own this type of boat someday. Just peacefully cruising down the river.

Zenas Agnew

Comment by Zenas Agnew

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