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Mini-house/cabin prototype- the KID FORT/model version
September 7, 2010, 10:43 am
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Just built one of these for my neighbor’s kid…

“THE WEDGIE”- I designed this as a kid fort/pet fort (bed area) but also as a small scale model for an incredibly easy-to-build ADULT-sized vacation cabin and/or treefort…. the drawing will appear in my follow-up micro-housing book, etc. I have a lo-fi video on this lil’ shack on the way too- once I add some finishing touches to it…painted trim perhaps, book shelf, etc…

Naturally, most of the stuff I build is for sale- the proceeds of which simply go to me building my next project for episodes of “Tiny Yellow House”. The Hickshaw, The Gypsy Junker, and this one- all up for financial grabs if you want to help the cause…

All cedar, easy to build, and very lightweight...


Above/side view of "THE WEDGIE" as I've dubbed


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That is awesome haha! If I was a kid I’d love it… Real nice upgrade from a cardboard box.

Comment by Alex

yeah, its pretty much a sleeker box-fort…MUCH more durable- and nicer smelling! (depending on what was stored in the old cardboard boxes you use).

Comment by relaxshax

Can’t wait for the video! Been searching for something like this for my son. Right now we have a tent rigged over his bed, which he loves. But would like something sturdier, you know boys…Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Comment by Robin

thanks for the kind words Robin

Comment by relaxshax

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