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Save them SCRAPS! Budget Furniture for NOTHING, or close to it!
September 6, 2010, 2:13 pm
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Scrap-wood Shelving by Derek Diedricksen

I’ve built about a zillion custom things for people, and was scanning back through my photos, and found this one. This shelving unit was made entirely from my scrap pile of wood (I save almost EVERYTHING- and end up eventually using it all too). Aside from some nails and screws, and two coats of stain (which I already had)- and a decent deal of time, the freeform outcome was something I was pleased with- and I went on to sell this particular item for a very decent amount of coin. Not too bad for something from virtually NOTHING.

For you tiny housers out there, looking to build and live on a budget, it just goes to show that much can be made from what others deem worthless. This shelf could have just as easily been made from scrap wood and pallet wood found from work sites (being thrown away).



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That looks so handsome! I make shelving out of scrapwood too, but I incorporate even smaller pieces, so you can put knick-knacks and such on it, though some people like to hang them like a piece of art. Check it here:

Comment by Mike Colombo

thanks mike- just checked out your site too- it rocks! Love the music studio shots too!

Comment by relaxshax

It’s good to know that I’m not the only scrap saver out there. I think some of the best stuff is made from it. Very nice shelf unit!

Comment by Lisa

Yup, DS and I save scrapwood too, and recycle as much as we can when we renovate. Saves $, saves trees, saves trips to the hardware store/lumberyard and reduces our carbon footprint. What doesn’t get reused, gets used as woodstove starters. Nothing gets thrown out that doesn’t HAVE to be.

Comment by Tian

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