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TWO Cabins FOR SALE and Ouch! The Gypsy Junker Gets Wholloped!
September 1, 2010, 10:33 am
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So, not that long ago, in a fairly severe windstorm here in New England, I awoke to this scene….

The Author's "Gypsy Junker" Cabin- Built Ford Tough!

Luckily, even though almost fully constructed with salvaged roadside materials, the ole’ Junker was left with barely a scratch after the tree (free firewood!) was removed.

By the way- and the timing’s bad I suppose (NO Damage- all’s fine/fixed)…

Its an ultra-niche market, but two of my cabin’s are still for sale…and if they don’t sell (I’m in no rush- never), I have other plans for ’em- so its a win-win…

THE HICKSHAW (See “Tiny Yellow House” Youtube video #1) for $1500.00– its almost ALL cedar, mobile, lightweight, and features a tuftex corrugated roof (that stuff ain’t cheap!). This was the subject of our very first show/episode- which has now seen almost 50,000 views! This is a multi-use structure tiny sleeping quarters, greenhouse, sauna, ice fishing shack/shanty, and/or outdoor office.  

THE GYPSY JUNKER- Much larger/heavier- you’d have to haul it….$2000.00– would make a great novelty guest house, studio, mini-office, chicken coop, musician’s rehearsal space, or who knows….it has a built in mini-heater, cedar-stained flooring, a bunk/bed, and so on….



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is gypsy junker in the book

Comment by sora

yup- sure is…

Comment by relaxshax

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