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Woodstove Mailboxes- and then some…
August 25, 2010, 12:06 pm
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I have an really cool “Not-a-bolt” tent-woodstove from my father-in-law that I’m going to outfit into a guest cabin on my VT spread at some point (this little stove works great (and is foldable/collapsable)- we’ve cooked many times on it). This little mailbox woodstove (in the video) isn’t a far cry from the not-a-bolt though- although the mail-version has thinner metal walls….

There’s a few videos of these designs online, but here’s a fun little video from south of Seattle…and check my other NEW video in the next-most-recent post below as well!

Also- TOMORROW- 7pm- Scituate MA’s FRONT STREET BOOK SHOP- “TINY HOUSE TALK/DEMO-SESSION” hosted by me, with a book speaking/reading, live music, a mobile cabin ON display, and perhaps a campfire in the store’s front lawn (weather/law depending)! Should be REAL fun! Swing by if you’re in the general area….again, FREE!

And our tune (portion going to charity) with Gary Cherone of Extreme/Van Halen is still up and available for download on itunes,, rhapsody, napster, etc- check it out, and help out some broke artists/musicians….


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this is so cool! My sister knows a guy who has been living in a big military style tent on his land for years now(probably over 10)through Ohio winters. He has a stove inside his tent for heating(don’t ask me how, apparently this is possible)

Comment by Becky

Interesting but I predict that mailbox will have burned through in less than 10 fires.

Comment by Solar Burrito

“Burning Through”- yeah, I’ve wondered the same myself, but according to others, at least with a rugged guage mailbox, they last a decent/long time.
I eventually want to make a woodstove out of an old 5 gallon propane tank (or a 20 gallon). I’ve already made a deck-chiminea the same way, and it has worked great!

Comment by relaxshax

Yeah, I already knew about it. I have seen such type of woodstove mailboxes 2.5 mile far away from my village. Its really interesting and incredible but I wont put it for myself. 😉

Comment by Wood Burning Stove Dealers

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