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THE NEW (and the old) “Tiny Yellow House” Videos….
August 24, 2010, 10:09 am
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Two videos for you…a BRAND NEW one, and for new visitors to this shabby little blog, from MAKE’s link, an old “classic” (I use that term loosely) as well.

Above is a BRAND NEW “Tiny Yellow House” Video, shot for MAKE MAGAZINE’s MAKEacation Series- that launched last night. One month from now, we’ll post our original, longer, version- that has a few extra scenes/clips/things that were cut out (understandably) for the Make Version. We’re also currently working/scheming another shoot/project for yet another Make Video….DO expect explosions, midgets, and exotic animals in combat!

As for the old….well, semi-0ld….while we work behind the scenes to finish our TINY TUMBLEWEED HOUSE COMPANY interview episode ((with Jay Shafer) we still need some small sponsors, etc- email us!), here’s a look back at “Tiny Yellow House: Episode #2” for all the newcomers.  And dagnabbit, help me eek by the national poverty level, by pickin’ up a copy of my 100+ page, hand assembled, tiny house/project book! (lefthand column)- if you’d be so kind….

(ALSO- We’re up to TYL #8 NOW!- but slowly need to acquire funding, backers, and small advertisers so as to be able to afford finishing the editing, etc- studio time- before these episodes ever see the light of day).



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Wish I lived next door bud, all the trouble we could get into and the fun we’d have! Stay real.

Comment by Harvey Millstone

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