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And of course, a REAL Lego House- although, not so tiny
August 22, 2010, 10:14 am
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This one was inĀ England- and has since been torn down (some code-quotin’, stone breaker spoiled all the fun!). My only problem with building with plastic, recycled pvc, and whatever other petroleum based hard materials, is that they break down in the sun over time….Hence, my INDOOR suggestion on the last post.

Jim Broadstreet, in his book “Building With Junk” talks of his PVC tiled-roof experiment on a house in Jamaica many years back. He later reported that the roof deteriorated in the sun only after a few years. PVC, when exposed to the sun, also releases its lead content, from what I understand. So ultimately, its a BAD idea all around.

Jim’s book is great by the way- so don’t be fooled by the terrible 1970’s-looking cover art (the book actually was released in the 90s). Like many books, I just wish it had about ten times the photos and pictures it offers. Broadstreet is a damn interesting man though- who has been in the salvage-construction game for a very long time.



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