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Recycled Lego Kitchens n’ Rube Goldberg Machines
August 21, 2010, 8:51 am
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I saw this cool link for a contest MAKE Magazine had for developing a “Rube Goldberg” machine with Legos. Growing up, I was hugely fascinated by Rube Goldberg’s ideas and art, so naturally I took a’shinin’ to this post/contest.

It reminded me that a ways back, Dwell magazine had run a feature on a couple who built their kitchen counter island from “recycled” tag sale Legos. The idea’s great- although not necessarily new, but here’s what thinking outside the box can bring you….

A Lego Island from Dwell Magazine

It got me thinkin….hmmmm……could I collect enough Legos to build a micro-house INSIDE a regular house? You know, a little reading nook getaway…..

Hmmm….could we get a collaborative and donated effort (materials) to do so while FILMING it for an HD edition of  my show “Tiny Yellow House” (on youtube) down the road? Day dreaming here, but its not impossible!



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Have you seen the house that James May built from lego?

Comment by oliveark

yeah- thanks! Will post on that soon too!

Comment by relaxshax

Derek: one of they guys from the BBC Show Top Gear has another show also called “Toys” with James May. He built an entire house of Legos, and slept in it overnight. There is even a Lego toilet… Here is a link.

Comment by Becky

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