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New Tiny Yellow House TV Logo? And ATTN: homeowning NERDS!
August 14, 2010, 10:03 am
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We’re futzin’ around with a tv/site logo for our show “Tiny Yellow House” and here’s one that Krystof Mroczkowski whipped up for us (try pronouncing HIS name ten times fast!). “Stof”, as we call him,  runs He is also certifiably INSANE- and that’s why we love the guy….

Also- you can listen online, but I’ll be on the legendary CBS-Radio 100.7 WZLX out of Boston, MA (you can listen online too) on THIS Sunday night- 11 pm– talking with Bill Bracken and Gary Cherone (Extreme/ex-Van Halen, Tribe Of Judah) about the tune we all recorded together. As always- support us broke folk and check out the $0.99 download on itunes,, and I’m sure I’ll be mentioning our TV show, which Bill has been a part of in two episodes now.

ALSO, on the NERD tip– since the whole tiny house movement is based on thinking outside the box, getting creative, and often “defying the norm”, check out this ultra-creative X-Wing Fighter mailbox that some Star Wars geek created. Very cool….


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New logo looks great!

Comment by Elmer

If anything, the Tiny Yellow House within the frame formed by the circle, should be tiny. That is the concept you are promoting. I sure would like to see the same logo modified accordingly. The little builder would have to disappear as he’d be too small – maybe he could go elsewhere. The important thing is to tiny up your house in keeping with your theory. Mary

Comment by Mary Edmondson

Follow up to my previous comment – if house gets tinied up, builder could get bigger – hammering on a tiny house. Instead of tiny builder hammering on big house. That’s it!! Try it & see. Mary

Comment by Mary Edmondson

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