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Recycled cabin/home furniture made from scrapped-metal street signs!?
August 13, 2010, 9:53 am
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Check these out- a GREAT idea in the realm of recycling “old street signs” as they claim on – my only question- if these street signs are in such great shape and so easily cleanable- why were they “discarded”? Hmmmm….GREAT idea- but the $995.00 price tag is ridiculous and just another case of the many now cashing in on recycled “green” goods….although, in defense of their creators, these chairs, if all handmade, would take some time to construct and assemble.


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I’m gonna guess they are made by a guy named Boris Bally, who indeed makes them himself and they are all handmade…read time consuming. He is an artist and makes his living this way. Not to my taste – I like my chairs a bit softer but everyone gots to make their own choices, eh?

Comment by shelly

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