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Back from Maine (A’shootin’ more “Tiny Yellow House” Episodes)…
August 12, 2010, 12:07 pm
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Back from 6 days in Maine- The China Lakes Region. We were shooting all sorts of “Tiny Yellow House” and tiny housing, cabin, and shack footage for almost 6 days- all the while having a ball. I had a chance to eat squirrel too, but I won’t elaborate as it might fully gross out some- but the whole thing/process just may appear elsewhere on youtube at some point.

Here’s the cabin TEN of us stayed in- a cool little place built by my wife’s grandfather in 1935. Very simple, rustic, and up until last year the toilet only flushed with a bucket (which I never did mind- afterall, I do voluntarily use a composting, sawdust toilet in my own home in MA).

The Bendix Camp In Central Maine


Here’s two pics of the bunkhouse we shot for one of the editions of the show…you just might recognize it from the very last page of my book “Humble Homes, Simple Shacks….”

The Sennett Camp in Maine (Dana and Pam)


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I lived in an old farmhouse we were renovating for 9 mos. with a ‘bucket flusher’. We showered at friends, or went to the spring house and poured water over ourselves(cold water, not drinkable but usable, contaminated spring). Heat was a kersosene heater. It’s doable. Lived in similar conditions building our house and living here during construction, very primitive.

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