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Off to Maine Soon for a “Tiny Yellow House” Shoot at a tiny home recently featured in Mother Earth News Magazine…
August 9, 2010, 9:02 am
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The Speed House- an upcoming subject/shoot for "Tiny Yellow House" TV

     Ben and Sabrina Speed, from Franklin, Maine are the owners of this little gem (based off a Jay Shafer Enesti kit/design (from the Tiny Tumbleweed House Company)- and this duo are gracious enough to soon let a small crew of us “Tiny Yellow House” goons into their abode to eat all their food, drink their beer, and…er…oh yeah, to film an episode based on their tiny palace.

     We can’t wait to get there, and have a few other great shoots already planned as well (A Concord, MA House-truck, for example).


Scituate, MA– my micro cabin “The Boxy Lady” is still on display in front of The Front Street Book Shop– check it out while there’s still time! August 26th (A Thursday)– I’ll be back down there to yap about tiny houses, my book, to demonstrate some “redneck window construction” and more…


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Can’t wait to see this episode. The inside seems awesome. Great colors, little kitchen, and I love the brick fireplace. Enjoy your day Deek.

Comment by Alex

Loved this little house in Mother and can’t wait to see more of it. As Alex said, the use of color is great. Everything is so compact and neat! Good for you that your display is still up and going strong. Hope you sell lots of books!

Comment by Lisa

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