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Super-cool nature-necklaces/art from Ann Marie Sherrick/
August 8, 2010, 7:47 am
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Maple Seed-Pod Necklaces- (A. Sherrick)- made from carved Shrinky-Dink, Oven-fired, Plastic. Who woulda thunkit?

Annmarie Sherrick is a Brockton, MA Public School Art Teacher who additionally runs her own d.i.y. Etsy shop out of her mini-home-studio- which can be viewed (her work) at

Her work is QUITE different from what I’m doing, but my latest cabin/kiosk was designed for the both of us- so that we can attack some flea markets, festivals, and craft fairs down the road- and save some loot by splitting the vendor-booth fees.

The idea is “You’re buying handmade crafts and books, from something that IS a handmade craft itself!” That cabin, as shown in a few recent blog posts is “The Boxy Lady”.

     An episode of “Tiny Yellow House” TV- shot for MAKE Magazine– exclusively (featuring “The Boxy Lady’)- will be up VERY SOON. Personally, it was a blast to shoot (as always) and I think it came out very well.

Hopefully you’ll feel the same when its up and running….and I’m flattered that Make Magazine has teamed up with Tiny Yellow House to help get some of my bizarre ideas out there.



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My wife and I are new to simplifying our lives, minimizing our belongings, and trying to live more peacefully. I have had a blast watching your videos. I can not wait to watch the new video.

Comment by Sam Bateman

thanks so much sam!

Comment by relaxshax

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