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Ain’t exactly “Tiny Houses” but it hand in hand with scaling back and living the low-dough lifestyle
August 5, 2010, 8:09 pm
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Ain’t exactly “Tiny Houses” but it hand in hand with scaling back and living the low-dough lifestyle (and SAVE for that getaway/retirement cabin/shack/tiny home perhaps….

Thought this video (which is also being featured by MAKE Magazine, was pretty inspirational….It also makes you think quite a bit about a lifestyle you might take for granted.

As for a random, bad-arse tiny house picture….here you go…

New projects semi-SOON in the works….a mega-funky (in more ways than one!) composting toilet video, a micro-A-frame sleeper, and a foldable (in a wall- doubling as a camouflaged painting) kid’s fort I designed a ways back….

Now if I could just find the time to get it all started/done!



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Looking forward to all three of these!

Comment by buildingblocksintupelo

Thanks for posting that video. Solar cooking in poor nations is something I think about frequently; it seems nonsensical not to use it and I can’t understand why it gets so little discussion/funding/action. It’s cost effective not to mention logical. And if populations can be put to work manufacturing and selling solar ovens so much the better. Jobs, income, stability – what’s not to be in favor of?

Haiti should be going this route, otherwise the trees that are frantically being planted today will end up being tomorrow’s charcoal.

Comment by Kay in KCMO

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