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Worcester Pulse- 30,000 Issues! Book Review-Made my day…(and Dwelling Portably)
August 4, 2010, 10:45 am
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For starters, today’s random structure (from the Yestermorrow School in VT)

As for the Book Review (Mine): I think very highly of this magazine from Worcester, MA- so I was thrilled to find this review in their current FREE- August issue….

Dwelling Portably by Bert And Holly Davis- Microcosm Publishing

ALSO- Just picked up a ton of new books from Microcosm Publishing- who are one of the ballsier/gutsier micro-publishing houses out there- heck, some of their stuff is almost too outlandish for ME even! But I love it…the fact that there’s someone out there taking chances on such bizarre and varied subjectmatter (from Vegan Cooking to Hobo Art).        

      Anyway, I’ve been reading more of the “Dwelling Portably” series- written from an undisclosed, hidden, living-off-the-land, locale by outlaw-ish husband and wife duo Bert and Holly Davis. The book is chock full of living-under-the-radar ideas and methodology, and while sometimes it can border on the absurd and tediously described (in its own book review passages), it’s a great/hokey/informative read nevertheless and based off a zine of the same name (these three volumes are compilations of certain year-spans). It was all typed out and formatted on a classic typewriter too! Great bang-for-the-buck reading, with lots of other input from people living the portable/hobo lifestyle. Some cool lodging ideas too. My only main complaint is that there could be larger, and more, pictures, diagrams, and/or photos.



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