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Futuristic Raindrop-shaped Rain Barrel for Cabins/Shacks/Gardens/YOUR home…
August 2, 2010, 10:11 am
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A Bas Van Der Veer Design….


 This one’s not officially on the market, but it sure is futuristic and cool looking. It has its own built in, self-filling, watering can, and a sleek wall hugging design. I’m sure, once its on the market though, it’ll cost a small fortune a la most of what is seen in magazines such as Dwell, etc. And I still would like to see how it WON’T tear away from the wall when its laden, and heavy, with water…..the pipe on the underside must be thick-guage, or reinforced.



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Wow,it’s a very interesting look, and I like the built in watering can, but not sure I want something bulging out up high on my house, besides the thought of it pulling away. It looks more than a bit odd…I could see an elongated, taller 1/2 barrel look perhaps, this looks like a pregnant snake!

Comment by Sally

this is very cool looking! But I agree, it will probably be horridly expensive.

Comment by TsLamb

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