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Tiny Houses/Small Living and Creative Building/Homes- Getting Kids Started Early…
August 1, 2010, 8:37 am
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Recently, my own book was the subject matter for a contest that Make Magazine hosted, whereupon the entry of the best childhood fort/cabin story would win a copy of my book. Well, the contest is now long over, but in the lengthy reply thread to the post, one woman stated that the feel of my book reminded her of a long-ago released children’s book titled “Andrew Henry’s Meadow”- which I had never heard of.

      Several Google and Amazon searches later, and I know own an old-school copy, and the book is everything she trumped it up to be. Amazing illustrations, and clever cabins and forts, all intertwined into the tale of a boy who runs away from home because his parents won’t stand for his incessant construction projects.

     Its a kids book, but I can’t help but to re-pick up the book now and then to look at the beautiful ink sketches within- and some of the outlandish cabins contained in the story- an underground house, a tiny bridge-over-a-river cabin, a circular tree fort for birdwatching….

Apprarently the book was re-released somewhat recently too! Not surprised- and I’m glad someone took the initiative…



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Hi, I was the one who mentioned the book, I am so glad you like it! I have a copy myself and I think I enjoy it more than the kids do…I have memories of daydreaming of doing that very thing, of building a dream house that would encompass secret passages, place for my pony, etc…it unlocks imagination. I love that the author lived on an island…

Comment by Becky

hey- thanks again sally! great book….

Comment by relaxshax

Have you ever heard of Broderbundia? The founders of Broderbund created a magical house full of passageways and hidden doors, etc.

Comment by Becky

no, haven’t- but looking it up now- thanks!

Comment by relaxshax

I loved that book as a kid! it probably was the book that turned me on to funky unique homes 🙂

Comment by Laura

These look great, I will have to hunt down some copies for myself.
I noticed IMDB makes mention of a film currently in production (but I’m not a member so that’s all the info I could see), a bit of googling later all I could really come up with was this:

Comment by Cam Winks

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