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Chicken Coop A-frame/”Mother-In-Law Suite”?
July 24, 2010, 4:49 pm
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"Sure, c'mon over, we have plenty of space for you in our "guest house"!

I’ve seen quite a few of these easy-to-build chicken coop/chicken tractors (they can roll/are mobile) on line- most them sold at very expensive prices- yet so easy to build. Upon looking at the simple design, it came to me, that with some size expansion, and an added rain-deflecting set-up over the door (or by repositioning the door altogether), you could have yourself one of the easier-to-build micro-shelters, EVER! Well, aside from the ever-popular inner-city cardboard hobo-box!

These A’s won’t be so spacious- but again, we’re a tiny house/micro-architecture site/blog, so that should come as no surprise.

These tiny altered structures might work well as hunting camps, pre-fabricated treehouse/treefort structures, and/or barebone, yet permament dry shelters on your little piece of “getaway” land. I can’t imagine the cost of building a souped-up version of one of these would cost much more than a couple hundred dollars.

And naturally, these things are already geared for chicken use…(the reason I’ve kept the photo so long….I wanna get some myself, eventually.


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Love these A-frames you’ve been posting, especially this one. Look like there’s ample space especially if you had an urge to… lay an egg. 🙂

Comment by Michael Janzen

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