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“The A Team”- No, not the movie- My “A frame” Tiny house/cabin list…
July 18, 2010, 1:45 pm
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I’ve got a TON of a-frame photos in the archives, and I’ll be posting some here and there, but for starters….

It almost looks fake, doesn't it? Wait a it!?

 I’m very fascinated with A-frames, but have actually yet to build one- so I plan on doing so soon! In fact, for an upcoming video/”Tiny Yellow House” shoot for Make Magazine, we might be constructing a tiny foldable a-frame- on wheels….for a quick shelter/reading spot/meditation structure. I have had the plans long inked out (for my follow-up book), so I hope to get crackin’ on this soon!

Also- again- Thursday, July 29th (since a few people have emailed and asked)- 6:00 pm- The Sprague/Baltic, CT Public Library- FREE  (at The Grist Mill), I’ll be doing a meet and greet/Qn’A/Yap Session on my book, tiny houses, and more (part of the Connecticut Author’s Trail (I’m from Madison- originally/semi-currently). Assuming all goes as planned, I’ll be bringing one of my tiny mobile-sleeping, micro-cabin structures with me too!

Hope to see you there!



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Really cute! A house around the corner from me(I live in a rural area)has a pond with a little A frame in the middle on a small island. I want to row a boat out to it so badly…

Comment by Becky

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