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(Former) Food For Thought… Sawdust/Composting toilets in tiny houses/cabins…
July 18, 2010, 7:57 am
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"Holy Sh-t! Where are the Pipes!?

I built one of these (not the one shown), a few weeks back, and in a grand test of my wife’s patience, I’ve been using my own composting/sawdust/bucket toilet INDOORS. At first she was disgusted/skeptical, but after a few uses, she realized that the toilet does NOT, in fact, smell…. A few other friends and relatives have been surprised by this fact too.

All in all, its not a terrible option for a cabin toilet, or temporary set-up (when your septic is down, or power is down (if your system relies on a mechanical pump), and the waste CAN be composted (although it takes approx. 2 years to safely break down). Check out “The Humanure Handbook” by Joseph Jenkins- fascinating, enlightening, and comical reading.



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