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World’s Tiniest/Smallest Houses….
July 13, 2010, 4:36 pm
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I guess the world’s smallest dwellings would actually have to be snail shells, bird nests, scorpion tunnels, or worm dens (or perhaps something on a cellular/technical level)…. but they all do have ideas and certain functionalities that are sometimes worth contemplating- heck, look at Malcomb Well’s and his underground housing movement…the dude was a big worm, in essense!

Baby Cardinals. The Robins nest from the year prior was my inspiration in my book to sketch out a "Human Bird Nest" shelter, built from scrap lumber...

On a similar note, I took this photo earlier in the year, about five feet up in an Emerald Arbovitae Tree in my backyard. These little birds (four of them) later turned out to be Cardinals. They made for some great birdwatching as I checked up on them from time to time. The year prior, in the SAME EXACT nest spot, we had a nest of Robins.

Anyway- Still been working on that new rolling kiosk/cabin- and got NAILED by a nest of wasps yesterday while doing so…. Not fun- you’ll see them on video down the road, as I’m chronicling the steps of construction.

Randomly Diggin: The band (no more, I guess) FIVE BOLT MAIN– ex-members of FLAW- aggressive yet melodic- with some nasty drumming! Good buildin’ music!


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