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Homeless Shelter/Kiosk/Earthquake Relief- stackable, mini house/cabin
July 12, 2010, 9:12 am
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Well, after a day in CT scouting for a future “Tiny Yellow House” shoot, in the picture-perfect Essex, CT area (home of the REALLY cool looking “Essex Books”- it was closed though…) , I’m back and plan on bustin’ butt to get some work done on this little to-be-named Kiosk today, that I’ll use for speaking engagements and festivals/appearances down the road.

Its been designed (the sketch will appear in a follow-up book to “Humble Homes…” some day) to serve as a homeless shelter, possible earthquake relief cabin (easy to transport and ship to Haiti, etc), AND a mobile kiosk (to enable homeless people to possibly earn a street-vending living). Naturally, this little shack on wheels could be used for sleeping quarters for music and environmental festivals like Burning Man.

     Ultimately, this cabin will have many unfolding tables, shelves, and surfaces on which to cook and display goods for sale.

I’m TRYING to get this done for my appearance at the Sprague/Baltic CT library on Thursday, July 29th- 6:30pm (Free!), for a hands-on demo. The appearance is part of The Connecticut Author’s Series which was recently featured in Connecticut Magazine (and sponsored by The Mohegan Sun Casino). If I don’t complete it in time- I’ll most likely bring my “Hickshaw” cabin along…. Hope to see some of you there! Should be fun, and I’ll have copies of my book on hand.


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yo! burning man=environmental festival?… sure its fun and yeah some interesting art works but most of what I saw was plumes of smoke (they burn shit loads of useable building material every year) and people on drugs. i duno how “environmental” it is… anywho nice concept with the homeless shelter looking forward to seeing the finished product.

Comment by Opie

Sounds very inexpensive and functional. Good luck with this project. Can’t wait to see it finished.

Comment by Bill

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