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The New Urban Habitat Blog- and a NEW “Suburban Redneck” Video
July 10, 2010, 7:14 am
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First, SOON….as I’m rushing/bustin’ my hump to get it done, I’ll have some new photos of my latest portable shelter/mini-cabin. Its intent is to be a  shelter, easily and affordably constructed, for the homeless, that also doubles as a street vending kiosk- enabling those not so currently fortunate, to perhaps make a living. Man oh man, its tiny- it makes my “Hickshaw” cabin look palatial!

Unrelated Eye-Candy: Photo from an NYC Central Park Art-Treehouse Exhibit. I found this photo from the blog "GIRL ON THE PARK"

AND- Thanks to Lisa Denny for turning me on to this blog. Apparently “New Urban Habitat” featured the link to my recent NPR feature/interview- and after getting word from Lisa, and actually checking out this site, I’m hooked. Great photos, equally solid writing, and just some great, and fun ideas overall! Its all about simple living, which certainly ties into the world of us tiny living/tiny house fanatics.

Here’s a fun post they had recently- and works right alongside my recent mindset…

From NEW URBAN HABITAT: Recently I stumbled upon journalist Kelly Wilkinson’s blog Make Grow Gather. She’s on a mission to relive one of those slow, lazy summers from childhood.

This summer, I am attempting an experiment. An experiment to take back summer. Like when I was a kid and thought everyday could be warm and empty and mine.

She made a summer to-do list. Here are a few of my favorite things on it:

Walk barefoot • Take a nap outside • Make suntea • Pick berries • Spend time in hammock • Go on picnic • Make herb water • Hang birdfeeder • Grow vegetables • Go to a farmer’s market • Read the Sunday papers outside • Learn a summer constellation • Go camping •  Read a summer book • Pick wildflowers • Blow a dandelion • Watch fireflies • Make lemonade • Watch a meteor shower • Eat a watermelon • Take a walk on a dirt road

And here are a few I’d like to add (Deek)….and one’s I’ve recently indulged in…

Take a walk in a downpour, Climb a tree, Cook over an open fire, Cook with the Sun!, Soak in a kiddie pool on a hot day, Build a rhombus-like micro-cabin out of dicarded toilet seats (kidding!), Learn to identify a few new insects and birds, AND to take some time out to simply sit, breath, and LOOK….


Randomly Diggin: “Handmade Houses” Book- I FINALLY found a reasonably priced copy of this 1970s classic counter-culture book, which has an array of hippied-out, and salvage-built homes that I’d LOVE to live in- almost every one of them! Scrimshaw Press….


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Hi Deek,

Thank you for visiting, commenting on, and linking to my blog! I’m glad you’re enjoying it. I love your additions to the summer to-do list. I’m looking forward to checking out your blog, and your book looks great too.

– Abby @ New Urban Habitat

Comment by Abby Quillen

I love helping bring like minded people together. Surely you’ll enjoy each other’s work as much as I do.

Comment by Lisa

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