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Tiny House Solutions: Sweatin’ Me Arse Off (MA heatwave) while using a plumbing torch!
July 9, 2010, 10:02 am
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Side note- first off, myself, and bandmate Bill Bracken will be on 91.5 WMFO FM (Tufts University) in Boston tomorrow/sat beginning at 10 am, to talk about our new tune we recorded with  Extreme/Van Halen’s Gary Cherone, (on itunes, and ANYWHERE else) AND about my show “Tiny Yellow House” I’m sure. I might film it too. And…

Tiny housers! This will stand as old news to some, and new…er… news to others, but after sweating nearly to death, working on soldering some copper plumbing the other day (MA is in the middle of a looong heatwave), I finally decided to pick up some Sharkbite Plumbing fittings for some of the remaining work.

     Truth be told, I’ve been hesitant to use this product, based on its cost, but when you factor in the soldering, flux, fuel, and time spent on sweating pipes the old way, this “newfangled” method just makes too much sense! And the stuff DOES work! Its as simple as snapping pre-cut pipe lengths together as you would Tinker-Toys or Legos. Can you shove a marshmallow onto a stick? Well, then YOU can plumb with these lil’ suckers!

     I also soon realized, that in a tiny-house construction setting, where you often are severely limited in space in which to fit and work on plumbing, this stuff is PERFECT- and requires ZERO skill. Its a money saver in the sense that you’ll have to hire out less work for a plumber as well (although for serious jobs, never hesitate to call a pro!).

    Beyond that, when sweating/soldering pipes with a torch in locales VERY close to joists and wood framing, these Sharkbite Plumbing Connections eliminate your risk of burning your tiny house down!

All in all, THREE Thumbs up! (I found a stray one in a rough neighborhood and grafted it on specifically for this review).


Randomly Diggin: That PBS, often aired documentary ONE MAN’S WILDERNESS (sometimes billed as “Alone In The Wilderness” with Dick Proenneke, who built a cabin in the wilderness of Alaska by hand. Years back I finally poneyed up the cash for the dvd, and I STILL watch the thing! Fascinating, Inspiring, Relaxing, Amazing….Anyone I’ve shown it too has been blown away!


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Glad your not sweating to the oldies anymore and thanks for the tip. The heat wave is finally hitting the Northwest and it’s awesome.

Comment by Solar Burrito

Too funny “Sweatin’ To The Oldies” would have been a better title…
Still gotta try to cook a solar burrito soon- I’ve cooked pot roast, eggs, pizza, meatloaf, chicken breasts, and so on….but no burrito yet…I gotta get crackin!

Comment by relaxshax

Deek – The recent interview with NPR was linked today at New Urban Habitat as one of their weekend links. You’re getting coverage without even knowing it!

Comment by Lisa

thanks lisa! saw it/plugged it….as you probably see (in the new post).

Comment by relaxshax

Just sent this info to a plumber friend of mine. Don’t think he’s ever heard of sharkbite.

Please, for the love of all things holy, lose the snapshots website addon. Every time I mouse over one of those things, I kill a kitten…

Please, think of the kittens.

Comment by Phil McClure

Oh boy, this thing’s so good! It’s a lesson learned from a plumbing. Minnesota
lady like me. I still have to do a long-lost-o-plumbing-Minneapolis
way! This time, easier. Thanks! Great help, clearly indeed!

Comment by Janice Madden

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