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35,000+ Tiny House Views, Tag Sale Tips 101, and A Virginian Mini “Sunday-House”
July 8, 2010, 10:35 am
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First, thanks to NPR, Make Magazine, Readymade Magazine, Tinyhouseblog, Tinyhousetalk, Tinyhousedesign, and for all their support- “Tiny Yellow House” episode #1, has now acquired 35,000+ views in only 3 months! And we’re still in need of a few super-affordable ad-placers for 2 upcoming episodes that we blew alot of coin on. As little as $150 to be ad-featured FOREVER!

 As for another sort of fund-garnering: Lets face it, getting rid of crud (or TRYING to/downsizing) is imperative to tiny house living. Beyond that, acquiring necessary funds for your dream cabin, or next mini-cabin project (in my case) is always made a little more realistic, with the loot you’ll net from a good old fashioned yard sale (or “tag sale” as we called then in CT).  My wife and I are currently semi-gutting our “Tiny Yellow House” for just such an event. We hope to get some neighbors on board too- strength n’ sales in numbers!

Enter Melissa Massello of Shoestring Magazine, and her advice in the game…  A cool article from a continually informative/clever magazine and blog/site.

As for tiny homes, and/or photos to drool over…I leave you with this…


This house, and similar ones were recently feature by Kent Griswold’s


And REAL soon…I’ll be posting some info (a review of sorts) on tiny home plumbing (in cramped/small spaces) and my recent utilization of Sharkbite plumbing fixtures, and their applications.


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Thanks for the love and shout-out, Deek! We’re on the same wavelength today: was thinking of you and WNTN this morning on the phone with Garen at Frugal Yankee. ‘Tis the season for yard sales (I had one in March — a collaboration with three friends — and we each netted over $200! Not bad for a Saturday’s work. 🙂 Must catch up again soon!

Comment by Melissa

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