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My Tune On Van Halen’s Website! Holy… (oh yeah, and another cool tiny house)
July 7, 2010, 8:43 am
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     I was sent this early today, by a friend…..this site is HUGE, and its flattering to be a part of it/mentioned on it, especially as a fan of Van Halen…. its from my side project band “Anklelock” – a tune I co-wrote will Bill Bracken (also in my other band Age Against The Machine- Rage Tribute Act). Gary Cherone of Extreme/ex-Van Halen handled the vocals on it. Its kind of an AC/DC meets Buckcherry/Stone Temple Pilots sort of thing- in 2010. Download it, and support our next Ramen Noodle Dinner- if you’d be so kind….

"Gary Cherone (Center) with the band Anklelock (Boston, MA)"

Soon-ish, we also plan (and hopefully can get the help of other tiny housers/tiny house sites) to run a month or so, where a large portion of the proceeds from this song and its downloads will go to charity (The Arbor Day Foundation, and Habitat For Humanity- both housing-tied, and organizations I think highly of).

As for tiny houses….this one’s been out there online for awhile, and some say its a photo-shop hoax, but whatever the case- its still pretty “dang” cool looking…

A Victorian Mini-House


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I’ve seen this house before and think it is actually at Eureka Springs, Arkansas. Not sure though….

Comment by Lisa

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