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Here’s another shot that MAY end up in Zeiger’s book
June 11, 2010, 10:55 am
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Here’s another shot from Bruce Bettis that I love. Its been handed, by request to author Mimi Zeiger (see post below), and it would be BEYOND cool if I could get it into Lloyd Kahn’s upcoming tiny housing book (As I have about 270 photos available), as aside from David and Jeanie Stiles, the guys more or less my other top-fave housing author/insane hippy-ish individual. His blog is GREAT too- check out -although you’re probably well aware of it already….

Aside from that “yackery”- I’m off to do some more SOLAR COOKING today, and to perhaps finish up a short video on a composting toilet I built- while also gearing up to play a show as headliners at the famous Middle East Club (Downstairs) in Cambridge, MA with my band Age Against The Machine. Its ones of the few rooms in the greater Boston area that I haven’t played at yet, so I’m rather psyched for the gig.


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That’s a great shot! Have fun playing tonight.

Comment by Alex @TinyHouseTalk

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